Squirrels on Vacation

The Squirrel Queen is on vacation. Woo Hoo. I was home over the weekend, but today is the first working day I’ve missed. Sweet.
I’ve already watched about a million movies, imbibed adult beverages, watched sports and eaten food that’s truly bad for me.
I’m not sure the weather will allow any water skiing during my vacation, but eveyone has seen the video and knows squirrels love water sports.
Maybe I’ll wax up my skis and rev up the Johnson (vrroom, vroom) Hey, I’m talking outboard motors here, people, get your mind out of the gutter, come on, keep it clean. It’s the GoGos up there. Look at them. Wholesome, I tell you.
Clean living. As squeaky clean as Walt Disney World.
That’s the life for me.
Ah, vacation. Living the good life.


One response to “Squirrels on Vacation

  1. You guys have fun!!!!!

    I think I’m heading to the zoo next week as a mini-vacation with the little man. Gotta’ check on my snakes down there! LOL!

    Speaking of which . . . I’ll have to EMail you some pics soon! 🙂

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