Never fear, Underdogs are winning here

I’ve spent the bulk of the day holding down the couch and watching the underdogs rule the NCAA tourney.
Who doesn’t root for the lower seed, unless ofcourse your favorite collegiate gang of five is facing the lesser known squad.
About seven underdogs have ruined the favorites’ season and are vying for Cinderella status.

I love it.
I know I was just celebrating the end of my basketball coverage a week ago, but I don’t really watch a ton of games other than the ones I attend for work during the high school season. Once I’m done covering my teams, then I immerse myself in the games of teams outside my coverage area. Just like everyone else, March Madness takes over my brain.
I’m terrible at filling out brackets. It seems I always pick the wrong upsets, but it’s fun to try to predict none the less.
I’ve got two more days of hoop hysteria ahead of me this weekend. Woo hoo.
And remember, there’s no need to fear, the Underdogs are here.


2 responses to “Never fear, Underdogs are winning here

  1. YESSSS!!!
    Go George Mason! Go Wichita State! (Oh, well, they’re playing each other, but one has to go to the Elite Eight and so glad no Carolina Blue is in sight.)
    Go Bradley and Gonzaga! Still pulling for Memphis, but don’t actually have that much faith…
    Speaking of faith….bravo TN men! I never doubted for a second that you wouldn’t make the Sweet Sixteen! Way to go for keeping the losing tradition alive and even managing to pick up a few fans along your journey as a bonus.

  2. My Lady Vols did it,, not very pretty, but they did it.
    I don’t know how they will do.
    I hope you will have some beers afterwards, or during. You’ve worked hard for it.
    Many of course at sometime 🙂

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