Champagne, Oscars & squirrels

It’s Oscar night.

Newscoma and the hounds and I are camped out on the couch glued to Hollywood patting itself on the back.

Ok, I’ll admit the hounds have had a few tiffs over who was strolling on the red carpet in the most fab gown. There was plenty of growling and snarling when they first got a gander at Charlize Theron’s big, shoulder-topping bow. Who told her that was a good idea?

We worried for a bit about John Stewart’s slow start. But he got on a roll, thank goodness.

We giggled and sometimes laughed out loud during the look back at the “manliness” of Westerns past. We also got a good hoot out of Ben Stiller’s green screen bit.

We were saddened by Lauren Bacall’s struggles with introducing the piece on film noir.

And we can never take our eyes off Nicole Kidman. MMMhhhhmmmm

Champagne has flowed here in our abode. It’s an Oscar tradition. We’ve shared this annual evening for the past 10 years. We gossip, giggle and debate who should win.

The tradition lives on.


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