spring has sprung

I’ve experienced all three of my own personal signs of spring over the last three days.
Standing with the door open the other night to allow the hounds their evening sabbatical, it struck me that nature was providing a soundtrack for their stroll across the grounds. The frogs were offering a full-throated operatic score, giving me the urge to sit outside until I’d heard every track – every love song they were using to woo their future mate.
Secondly, I’ve spotted the bright yellow of buttercups and crocuses dotting lawns along my path to work. The hearty flowers are some of my favorites, willing to brave the cold, adventurous, persevering and daring not delicate at all.
The third sign still is visible on my windshield. I heard the first big obvious splat of a beetle meeting its maker via a collision with my Frontier.
Spring has arrived.
At least for now.
Will the sun and its accompanying rise in mercury stay or is it just a brief interlude of warmth, teasing us before the next hard frost or snowfall blankets the ground?


2 responses to “spring has sprung

  1. AIN’T SHE, THOUGH!!!–>

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