Bode blah, blah, yada, yada

The Olympics aren’t quite over yet, but I’m definitely “over” Bode Miller and all the hype and hoopla surrounding him in the past few weeks.
If I have to watch another Nike commercial where he waxes on and on about how his perfect Olympics would be not winning a medal but performing some Zen-like runs down the mountain, I think I’ll fling myself off the Matterhorn or at least Lookout Mountain.
His failures at Torino have left him with one last shot at a medal after not even finishing two of his events and managing a fifth-place finish and a sixth-place finish in his other two.
He’s had equipment issues and attitude issues.
We’ve all heard the term ski bum. Now, he’s got a bum ankle after an accident while playing basketball in Torino. I’m not going to give him grief for that, because according to some, hoops is one way the athletes blow off steam. They’re athletes, you can’t keep them under glass while they wait for their next event.
But a swollen ankle certainly can’t help Bodacious Bode in his final chance at a gold medal in 2006.
I think all the pre-Olympic Hype has certainly worn down what good will he had. That and his quote about skiing while inebriated and then the sort-of backpedalling to please sponsors and the U.S.Olympic committee followed by his blah, blah in the Nike commercials which were omnipresent in the opening week of the Games.
Nike, who has spent the last 20 years or so laughing at Reebok for their Dan vs. Dave commercial debacle, now has their own advertising albatross.
Oh well, I’m still celebrating the US men’s curling bronze medal.
Woo hoo.
And if you want to cheer for a US skiing medalist, raise a glass for Julia Mancuso, who earned a gold this morning.


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