Tag hag via Newscoma

It appears I’ve been tagged.
I’m guessing this is a good thing. Whereas, in the lexicon of graffiti artists I would have someone’s spray-painted “tag” on my broad arse in a rainbow of colors in a font that strains the eyes to read. I’m all about the street culture.
Any way, here’s how this works, as I understand it (or at least as I copied and pasted.)

Remove the blog in the top spot from the following list and bump everyone up one place. Then add your blog to the bottom slot. (1)(insert name here) (2)Rex L. (3) Aunt B. (4) newscoma (5) squirrels_on_snark.

Next, select people to tag:
squeegee monkey,
Batesville USA

What were you doing 10 years ago?
I was going through a great deal of upheaval. I’d just changed careers and started a new relationship. After several years in radio as an air personality, radio was undergoing a radical transformation as live on-the-air talent was rapidly being replaced by canned liners.

I took a job with a sign company that was opening up a shop. It was my first job that involved a computer on an extended level and my first 8-5 job after working overnights for years as a DJ and the only person in the building. (It gave me a great appreciation for solitude.)
That job only lasted a couple of years as the boss was kind of a wack job who had no idea what he was getting into with this sign shop. At least it got me a trip to Montana to train on the software.
As for the relationship, it’s still flourishing, growing and changing and I couldn’t ask for a better partner.

What were you doing 1 year ago?
The same thing I’m doing this year – grinding through another high school basketball postseason, chasing teams all across West Tennessee as they try to earn a berth in the state tourney.

Five snacks you enjoy:
* Tortilla chips and rotel dip

* Mountain trail mix
* buttered-up movie popcorn combined with double-dipped chocolate-covered peanuts with a giganormous Diet Coke big enough to swim in
* Cheese quesadillas
* grapes

Five songs to which you know all the lyrics:
* Psycho Killer by Talking Heads

* Take me out to the ball game
* Harper Valley PTA by Jeanie C. Riley
* Proud Mary by Ike and Tina Turner
* Big Rock Candy Mountain

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire:
* Pay off all my family’s bills so everybody gets a fresh start

* Set up trust funds for my nieces and nephews
* Buy season tickets to all my favorite sports teams and then get swingin’ pads in the cities where they’re located so I have a place to lay my weary head after each game
* Travel with my girlie to old favorite locales and new exotic sites
* Buy my sweetie the Porsche she loves to dream about and then hang on as we ride around squealing the tires from coast to coast

Five bad habits:
* Procrastinating (that’s why it took me two days to get this filled out

* Bottling up my emotions
* Not telling the people I love how much I care about them often enough
* Not keeping a tidy and clean abode
* Speeding

Five things you like doing:
* Watching sports

* Sharing a good meal with my girlie
* Spending an afternoon at the movie theater watching a matinee and then buying a second ticket and watching another flick and then debating and analyzing the thumbs up/thumbs down attributes of the viewing menu
* losing myself in pop culture crap like Survivor and Seinfeld and My Name is Earl
* nothing, absolutely nothing, reaching a vegetative state as my arse melds into the weave of the upholstery fabric that covers my couch

Five things you would never wear again:
* tight clothes (I’m all about the baggy, saggy, not-so-form fitting fashion. Ultimately, my clothes should only touch me at the top of my shoulders and around my waist)

* flip flops
* jumpsuits (unless I’m pulling off some sort of elaborate Halloween Elvis impersonation involving a cape, a giant belt buckle and lots and lots of rhinestones and sideburns)
* a foofy prom dress
* toe socks

Five favorite toys:
* My dashboard hula dog

* My juggling balls
* My photoshop software (It’s time to make the squirrels)
* My collection of flickers/lenticulars
* My glowing brain light


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