Squirrels & Squids

It’s been an afternoon of mindless television. I’ve given the last four hours of my life over to watching Peter Benchley’s The Beast on the SciFi Channel.
Poorly done trash starring William Peterson (pre CSI) chasing down giant squid mamas in the local bay. Peterson has to be glad this flick has been superceded on his resume by his role as Gil Grissom. Matter of fact, he might think about having his lawyers sue SciFi for airing The Beast and reminding his newer fans of his lesser work.
Too bad the movie wsn’t as interesting as the real giant squids, which finally made their debut on film last summer.

For a look at all things squid, including info about the footage of real giant squids, check out Squidblog.
It’s got links to everything squid related, including movies with Japanese wrestlers taking on men in rubber giant squid costumes, squid fornicating info and knitted 25-foot long squid.

I will admit I saw nothing linking to Spongebob’s Squidward, so it’s obviously not all inclusive. Although, I think that is about the only tidbit of squid arcana not available.


2 responses to “Squirrels & Squids

  1. You know, I like Sci-Fi. I’m really a fan of that kind of stuff, but The Beast . . . OMG . . . truly TRULY bad. And it wasn’t even bad enough to be good, you know?

    And it was FOUR FRIGGIN’ HOURS!!!! And it was bad. Really bad . . . and not in a good-bad Sci-Fi channel way.

    I really don’t know why they keep playing this show.

    Honestly, I really wish Sci-Fi would show some older “bad” movies, you know? I mean, most of the Hammer films are pretty bad, but in a good way. They’re bad in a way that is so bad that my son and I can sit and watch them and NOT be scared but, instead, amused.

    Man, The Best was bad . . . really bad. Amazingly bad. Not since Gymkata . . .

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