Curling, not Moe-ing or Larry-ing

The layer of ice across Northwest Tennessee has cancelled my basketball games, so I’m staying home planted in front of the telly watching the events in Turin.
For the third time this week, I’ve found myself zoned in on the thrilling Olympic event that involves broom-wielding Minnesotans taking on the best the world has to offer.
Yes, I’m addicted to curling. Who would’ve guessed that a game of shuffleboard on ice would hold my interest.

The US men’s team has played its way into second place in its pool. The US women aren’t attaining quite that level of success. According to what the TV analysts were putting out yesterday, the women made a strategic blunder at the end of their match, ultimately costing them a victory. They ended up losing in extra play.

I guess once the Olympics are over, I’ll have to make my way down to the Senior Citizen center to feed my curling/shuffleboard jones.

Or just hold out for four more years until the next Winter Olympics.

Unfortunately, I’m getting too used to waiting in four year increments. All thanks to Chimpy Dumbya McBush.


One response to “Curling, not Moe-ing or Larry-ing

  1. As odd as it sounds, I think LOTS of people watched curling this time. Honestly, it’s one of the few sports I’ve actually seen my wife take a fancy to.

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