Do you want bacteria with that?

During some surfing yesterday I came across this story about a Florida teen’s science fair project.
The experiment the young lass decided to tackle involved sampling the amount of bacteria in ice served in sodas sold by fast food restaurants compared to the bacteria in the same establishments’ toilet bowls.

Ta Da. Her findings point out that we’re better off poking a straw into the john than in that giant cup o’ pop.

Mmmm tasty.
But see, actually I’m not one of those alarmist germaphobes who freaks out at every story about a severed finger found in a bowl of chili or a tale about the chick with leprosy who works the local drive-thru window and served a kiddy meal that included her own detached ear.

I know how clean my kitchen counter is … or isn’t. I’ve got my own horror stories created in the very dining area where I live.

Gather round chirren and I’ll tell you the tale about the time …


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