Agony of defeat

On a weekend when snow fell in mass quantities casting a white Shroud over the Eastern United States, the winter weather event was a great mood setter for the opening weekend of the Turin Olympics.

Shroud … Turin
Ha Ha ha.
It’s the small things that always make me howl.

There was ski jumping today and it just makes me nostalgic for the old Wild World of Sports intro. You know, the one where the guy helicopters through the air and basically crashes into a building in a jump gone oh-so-wrong.

As a child of the 70s, every Saturday had me planted in front of the giant Magnavox watching log rolling or motorcycles racing on ice or sumo wrestling or cliff diving. It was always something “thrilling”, that’s for sure.

Oh well, there have been some Red, White and Blue busts so far in Turin.

“Drunken” Bode was slow down the hill on his fancy new skis and flashy Apolo Anton Ohno bobbled in the final turn of his short track effort.
The “Flying Tomato” at least came through in the half-pipe, although it took a strong showing in his final run.

If I’m not in a gym, I’ll be watching curling.
Now that’s a sport worthy of Jim McKay announcing what boils down to shuffleboard-on-ice.
Count on it.


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