Hoops H-E-Double-Hockey sticks

Ta da.

It’s here. When I type it, I mean the high school basketball postseason.

It looms at the end of every regular-season schedule. The teams anxiously play their way to it. Each game preparatory in their pursuit of a shining gold ball, their ultimate goal, representing a state championship.

I’m giving up my life for the next month or so in order to traipse across West Tennessee and eventually, potentially all the way to the ‘Boro in order to follow area high school hoop teams.

So long Newscoma. So long hounds. We’ll get reacquainted later. Oh, say, the middle of March.

Potentially, there are a pair of girls teams who could earn their way to the state’s elite 8. The Westview girls will be making a return trip, should they earn it. It would be their third in four seasons. The Gleason girls will be building on their school’s own rich tradition if the Lady Bulldogs get back to the state tourney. The Greenfield girls are trying to build a foundation of success after many seasons of mediocrity at best.
As for the boys, the county’s best shot rides on the sneakers of the Westview Chargers. The Dresden boys are a dark horse. In total contrast to the girls in the area, boys basketball in West Tennessee (barring a couple of phenomenal squads) is on a downturn. There are several teams on the same competitive level, but that level is well below par.

So right now, I’ve got several road trips in my future in the next few weeks. Some of them will be of the 180-mile, round-trip variety for the regional level. Substate and state trips will be longer.

Despite the wear and tear on me, it is gratifying to see the hard work these kids put into their team come to fruition. As a mediocre high school player on a team that was usually below .500 in a completely different generation, I have no clue what they are experiencing. But it must be amazing or they wouldn’t pursue it with such sacrifice.

So, I’ll keep providing the scrapbook material and pumping gas into my vehicle as long as they provide the wins.

Toss up the basketball for the tipoff and let’s get this thing started.


One response to “Hoops H-E-Double-Hockey sticks

  1. I will miss you.
    The dogs will be happy as long as they are fed.
    I refuse to do this because of waste management issues.
    Coming home soon.

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