Squirrels In Tights

It’s officially a trend.
Men in tights on the basketball court.
For years, the kings of the ballet have been mocked for their legwear – hosiery, leggings, tights.
Short shorts to baggy shorts to headbands to tights – now an NBA fashion extravaganza is already finding its way onto the high school courts.
It started with Kobe Bryant wearing black tights under his regulation NBA baggy culottes, er, I mean shorts early in this season.
Then a few other lesser stars in the NBA galaxy sported the leggings.
Finally, the new King of the hardwood, Lebron James, put on the legwear in recent weeks, causing another fashion buzz.
As a result, high school kids are now improvising their own leggings.
At the game I covered Friday night a couple of the local kids had come up with their own cunning plan to mimic their favorites in the NBA. Instead of full-length tights, the local kids were using what appeared to be baseball stirrup hosiery stretched as high as they could pull them until they nearly fit up under the bottom hem of their baggy uniform shorts.
Creative, yes.
Attractive, no.
Did it enhance their games any? One kid played less than stellar as a starter; the other mopped up several points in play among the scrubs.
It’s gotta be the tights.


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