rough weekend for Raider Nation

As a long-time Raider fan, this weekend has been rough.
I’ve had to watch three Raider rivals play for a chance to go to the Super Bowl while Al Davis’ team continues to enjoy a really long off-season. The only good thing about the Steelers winning the AFC Championship game Sunday afternoon to earn a trip to the Super Bowl is the fact that the Broncos won’t get to make that trip. Getting to watch Mike Shanahan suffer almost made it worth having to endure a Steeler celebration. Then came the NFC game that saw another Raider rival hit the gridiron. Yes, Seattle, once a common AFC West foe for Oakland, is a dominant team in the NFC.

Heck, the Raiders’ off-season is stretching and stretching onward. The Silver and Black have been “off” for several seasons now. It’s becoming hard to even recall a time when they were on.

Something smells rotten in Raider Nation. It can’t get much bleaker in the Black Hole.


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