Island girl

I’m all geeked up today. Spent part of the morning perusing the latest Survivor cast as announced yesterday by CBS.

Yes, I’m a freak for reality TV and Survivor is King. All Hail Mark Burnett. I’ve offered to bare his lovechild. So far, I’ve been spurned and I’m taking these orders of protection pretty seriously now.
Anyhooo, back to the show. I was reading the bios of the new cast. It seems their casting director almost always chooses a cast member from the great Volunteer State, Tennessee, including the winner of Survivor Outback, Tina. This year’s potential Tennessee Sole Survivor is Melinda. In her bio she claims to have worked at Six Flags over Georgia and at Dollywood as an entertainer. How dealing with redneck tourists prepares her to “outwit, outplay, outlast” I’m not real clear on but good luck to her anyway.

This cast includes the likes of an astronaut, a yoga instructor, a seventh-degree blackbelt and the 1978 South Carolina Miss Watermelon Queen to compete with Melinda.

Anyhooo, the show begins Feb. 2 and I’ve already got my Tivo set. Can’t wait, must start surfing for spoilers.


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