Taking the leap into the great Blogosphere

Well, here we go.
What better time to start a new venture than on New Year’s Day.
Diets, schmiets. Get fit – not me. I’m resolving to start something that will possibly better my mind, if not rot what’s left of it, while potentially ruining my physical self with a severe case of carpal tunnel syndrome.
I’ve been meaning to get this thing going for weeks.
I was way too busy helping organize the Procrastinators United meeting, which was put off and has yet to be rescheduled.
For me, starting this blog’s been much like everything else, I stagnate for fear of failure. If I don’t start it, it can never suck as much as the 2005 Raiders, Titans and Vols combined.
Sooooo, starting this means I need to commit to it and try to at least entertain myself, if not the faceless billions who will likely never come in contact with it.
If you found this blog as a random surf or because you know me and I hounded and nagged you into checking it out because I needed constant encouragement and feedback, I say with a warm cyber embrace and a few noogies, “Welcome, pardners.!”
Let the squirrel wrangling begin.


4 responses to “Taking the leap into the great Blogosphere

  1. Come check out my blog please!

  2. And you get your first comment from a sex site??

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