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Merry Christmas from Squirrel Queen

Here’s hoping everyone who stops by here has had a Merry Christmas and a wonderful day no matter the holiday they celebrate.

Fourth of July Fun

I know it’s a bit early, but I celebrated Friday on Thursday, so why not jump ahead and start shooting off firecrackers for the Fourth of July.

For more fun stop motion videos by the same artist, check out the PES YouTube site.

That’s PES, not to be confused with PEZ and that stop-motion fun song.

Canadian Cousins – What’s Going On Up There?!?

I ran across this pic on the web site for The Record newspaper in Ontario Canada over the weekend.

What’s going on with my legion up there in the Great White North?

“But it’s a squirrel that’s turning heads these days. A black and white squirrel that looks as though it tangled with a skunk. Or a Holstein. Or Cruella de Vil from 101 Dalmatians.”

It seems there’s a natural explanation for the color scheme.

According to the story, it’s piebald – a phenomenon that is more common in horses.

“Piebald applies to any animal displaying depigmented white fur.”

I prefer to think of it like Seinfeld’s black-and-white cookie.

We should all look to the cookie.


Squirrel Queen’s editorial note: I wrote this post on Monday but never hit the publish button so it was stuck in my drafts. So technically, this is my nablopomo post for 11/10/08.

Soccer Squirrel

It may not be the Ministry of Silly Referee Walks that I posted earlier today, but I’m just saying that with the right beverage, my legion rocks on the pitch.

I present you with feral futbol.

Mona Lisa Hits the Streets

Leonardo da Vinci’s famous smile has been spotted all over the place. Mona Lisa is hitting the streets hardcore and Web Urbanist has collected eight different graffitti works that include the classic piece of art.

She’s a reluctant visitor to the scene in this one.

and gets a bit cheeky in this one.

Go here to see the rest of the pics.

Rattlesnakes Make Poor Passengers

I see a theme forming here at Squirrel Queen’s home this week.

Discovery Channel gets to have Shark Week. SQ is putting together Snake Week.

Now, no hissing from the peanut gallery. Hissing, get it, huh, hissing like a snake. OK, I’ll stop with that.

But back to Snakes.

Referring to the headline above, this is not a movie review for “Snakes on a Plane.”

Instead, it’s a story about a motorcyclist in Louisiana whose journey came to an abrupt end when the rattlesnake he’d tied to his cycle began to come loose.

Yes, you read that right.

Let’s review. The snake he tied to his cycle.

Here’s the link for the entire tale.

Vroom, Vroom, Hiss, Wobble, Crash.

Super Tuesday Squirrel

It’s time for the Squirrel Queen to head out and let her voice be heard. Civic duty and all. Oh, that and rolling up our sleeves to prepare to repair all the wrongs done to our great nation over the last 8 years.

The countdown continues to the end of the Bush error era. It won’t arrive soon enough.

Climbing under the influence

I know Super Bowl weekend is upon us and lots of folks are planning on partying quite a bit and adult beverages might be involved as you either boo or cheer for the New England Patriots in their pursuit of a perfect season, so I’m just putting out a friendly reminder that friends don’t let friends climb drunk.

In the video below, this is your squirrel brain on fermented pumpkins.

Worth a thousand words

It’s that time of year when everyone compiles their lists of the best of the last 12 months.

I came upon a Chinese news Web site offering its best photos of 2007.

Several of them are gruesome. Some are political. A couple make you smile. But every single one of them makes you look twice.

Is it an orangutan? Is it a Sasquatch?

squirrel donut bigfoot orangutan

Floridians have been busy spotting large orange animals in the trees in their local neighborhood. Some saw baby Bigfoot. Others saw Clint Eastwood’s furry pal from 1978.

Area wildlife agents are now claiming the treetop critter is one of my legion.

Might be. The agent used donuts as a lure.

I know the Squirrel Queen can’t resist the allures of a little fried dough with a sweet and sticky glaze.


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